3 Reasons to Hire a Pest Control Expert to Get Rid of Fleas

While fleas tend to accumulate in mid-summer to winter, they can infest your home, yard and pets at any time in the year. When your pet(s) have fleas, assume that your yard and home are infested as well. The best course of action is to immediately treat the infestation professionally rather than on your own.

There are many downsides to attempting to treat a flea infestation on your own and in almost every case, it will never be fully resolved. Professionals not only have the training but top-tier equipment to get the job done effectively so the infestation is brought to an immediate halt. 

Three Reasons to Hire an Expert


Trained professionals know exactly how to approach the infestation. They can identify it and eliminate it for good without the fleas popping back up a month later. Professionals also use the proper products that are much safer for your family and pets than DIY products would be if used improperly.

Total professional flea control will take up to 21 days (one life cycle). Because female fleas lay up to 800 eggs in under 50 days, only aiming for the live fleas will only do so much. Professionals will eliminate all live and unhatched fleas so there will be no recurring infestation.

Healthy Indoor and Outdoor Environments

Even if your entire home and animals are treated, there is still a chance for the pests to come back if your outdoor area is not treated as well. Since there is no DIY treatment for the outdoor area of your home, the best way to do so is to hire a professional. Experts will treat the inside and outside of your home.

Fleas are extremely dangerous to you and your pets, with the potential to spread a ton of harmful illnesses. Having a professional completely cleanse your home and lawn will prevent these illnesses from spreading to you, your children or your pets. 


Professionals are cost-effective to eliminate your flea infestation in a quick and reliable process. If you try to eliminate it on your own, DIY products can begin to add up and ultimately be extremely expensive. DIY products also do not guarantee complete removal so it is not worth the time or money. Hiring a pest control expert will save you both, making every cent worth your while and safety. 

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