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4 Pests That Are Dangerous to Your Pets

You often consider how pests can cause permanent damage to your home or injure your family, but pests can also harm your furry, fluffy or feathery family members. In this article, we will discuss four pests that pose a danger to your pets.


Veterinarians recommend that you give your animals flea medicine each month. That’s important because fleas wreak havoc on your pets. The soft fur or hair of your animal’s coat is an ideal living space for fleas.

These pests like cozy living spaces and take advantage of your pet by sucking their blood. Your pets can develop allergic reactions, lose their hair, develop skin infections, and struggle with incessant itching. In serious cases, your pet can develop anemia due to the amount of blood one flea can take.


Similar to fleas, mosquitoes also suck your pet’s blood. In doing so, your pet can develop diseases and serious medical conditions. West Nile Virus and St. Louis Encephalitis (SLE) are other common diseases that mosquitoes can pass on.

It is possible for these terrible critters to give your pet heartworms by transferring the heartworm larvae into your pet’s bloodstream.


Although ticks are a common pest in Arkansas, it’s good to protect your pet from ticks regardless of where you live, because they are dangerous to your pets. Ticks also bite your pets and suck their blood. They are more often found in wooded and grassy areas.

Ticks continue to suck your pet’s blood until they are fully engorged, which can take anywhere from three to eleven days all the way up to three years. Additionally, female ticks can transmit a toxin into your pet while feeding, which causes a rare paralysis.


Not only are cockroaches ugly, but they can also cause harm to your pet. They don’t bite your pet like fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes do. Instead, they are attracted to your pet’s food. When they crawl on and in your pet’s food supply, chances are they are leaving behind viral diseases and bacteria.

These four pests are not the only ones that can pose a threat to your animal’s safety, so call the pest control professionals. We at Action Pest and Turf want to protect you, your family and your pets. Call us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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