5 Myths About Mosquitoes

Because of their reputation for spreading disease and sickness, mosquitoes remain some of the most feared insects in existence. Although these blood-sucking pests have been around for millions of years, they are still quite misunderstood by a lot of people. Check out these five common myths about mosquitoes.

Myth #1- All Mosquitoes Have the Ability to Bite

Contrary to popular belief, not all mosquitoes have a thirst for blood. In fact, only the females put you at risk of being bitten. They will use the protein found in our blood to help develop eggs. Unlike their female counterparts, male mosquitoes typically feed on nectar.

Myth #2- Mosquitoes Can Transmit HIV

Over the years, mosquitoes have helped spread a number of serious illnesses. Even today, these infectious insects remain a problem throughout the world. The good news is that mosquitoes can’t transmit the HIV virus. This is a huge relief considering the fact that there are billions of mosquitoes on the planet. In the overwhelming majority of mosquito bites, the victim only experiences itchiness and mild discomfort.

Myth #3- Citronella Candles Effectively Repel Mosquitoes

When hosting a summertime cookout, mosquitoes will be drawn to the crowd. In an effort to keep these pests away, a lot of people light citronella candles. Although mosquitoes may not like the smell of citronella, it’s not a great repellant. The best preventative measure is to get your property treated by a pest control professional.

Myth #4- A Lot of Mosquitoes Are Eaten By Bats

It’s a fact that bats consider mosquitoes to be a tasty treat. Unfortunately, they don’t do a great job of reducing local mosquito populations. The reason is because bats feed on a variety of other insects. Even if you live near a lot of bats, don’t expect them to do anything to help your mosquito problem. Research shows that less than two percent of a bat’s diet consists of mosquitoes.

Myth #5- Mosquitoes Prefer a Certain Type of Blood

Mosquitoes aren’t concerned about your blood type. They are attracted by things such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid. Mosquitoes are also lured by the scent of fresh sweat. Although some people are targeted more than others, there isn’t a big difference.

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