5 Ways to Prevent Your Pet from Getting Fleas

Pets are amazing. They keep us company and bring joy to our lives. But, fleas can mar an otherwise awesome experience with your pet. Fleas are tiny pests that nest and breed in your pet’s skin and suck their blood. These creatures breed fast. In fact, in just 60 days, your pet can get up to 20,000 fleas. Instead of struggling with these tiny pests, check out these five ways to prevent your pet from getting fleas. 

1. Brush & Groom Daily

Just like lice, fleas do not like clean skin or hair. They love clinging onto the dirt. Therefore, one of the easiest ways to prevent these pests from going onto your pets is to brush and groom them daily. 

2. Give Flea Prevention Medication

Luckily, there are many medical ways to prevent fleas. For example, you can use flea collars, ointments, shampoo, oral medication and more. Your veterinarian can tell you the best type for your pet. 

3. Limit Outdoor Time

While some pets like dogs or cats love spending time outside, you need to limit their outdoor time to prevent fleas. Try not to go over two hours at a time outside. If you do spend more than two hours, make sure your pet is wearing a flea collar. 

4. Keep Away from Wild or Stray Animals

Fleas jump from host to host. So, if your pet comes across another animal with fleas, it will more than likely pick them up as well. Typically, animals with owners have lower chances of having these blood-sucking insects; however, wild or stray animals are the complete opposite. Since these animals are not groomed, bathed or medicated, they are more likely to have these pests on them. To avoid your pets from getting fleas, keep them away from wild or stray animals. This practice is also good for ensuring your pet avoids rabies. 

5. Check for Fleas

Another great way to prevent fleas or to know if your pet ever gets fleas is to check for them daily. You can check your pet by getting a narrow comb and brushing its hair. After each stroke, check the bristles for fleas. There are other ways to check for fleas as well.

You can even look at your yard. Another option is spraying your yard before these pests make it their home. If you plan on treating your yard, make sure to contact your local pest control company. If you live in Northwest Arkansas, then Action Pest and Turf has your back. Contact us for more information or to schedule your next visit.