Are Pest Control Treatments Safe for Your Entire Family?

If you’re looking into getting pest control, you’re surely wondering how safe the treatments are for both you and your entire family (pets included). 

We absolutely understand that concern. It’s only right that you want to make sure the pest control treatments won’t do more harm than good. So we’re here to reassure you. 

Let’s get one thing clear… 

The Chemicals Used in Pest Control Are Poisonous to Some Degree.

That’s just a fact. However, they are not lethal to humans– at least not at the amount that’s used for pests. With that said, anyone that is sensitive or has allergies that are inflamed by fumes and chemicals should remain outside during the treatment. Then once the fumes have been cleared, you can safely return to the house. 

If you’re worried about your pets, you can rest assured they’ll be safe. Pets are generally safe from being harmed by chemicals or fumes, but you should still be careful because a few could still negatively affect them. 

Pets like dogs or cats that explore with their noses may end up inhaling a bad amount of chemicals. To ensure that doesn’t happen, it would be best to let them stay outside or at a neighbor’s home for the duration of the treatment. 

Ask the Pest Control Technician.

If you want to be absolutely sure, then you should ask the technician who will be performing the treatment. They’ll know what precautions you should be taking to prevent any adverse health effects. 

Overall, Be Safe.

There’s no reason to take any chances when it comes to you and your loved ones’ health. If you want to be safe, then it’s best to keep your pets out of the house and anyone else that you’re worried about. Especially those with medical conditions. Once the treatment has been completed, you can all come back inside and enjoy your pest-free home. 

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