Does Mulch Attract Pests to Your Property?

A luscious lawn welcomes family and friends to your home while providing a desirable curbside appeal. Mulch offers an attractive way to enrich and beautify your yard. Unfortunately, insects and rodents also benefit from the moisture and nutrients provided by mulch. It is essential to understand the connection between mulch and common pests and ways to lessen their risks while caring for your property.

Pests that Are Attracted to Mulch

The presence of mulch does not usually attract new creatures to your property. However, many types of mulch do provide an inviting environment for pests that are already present in the vicinity. Be on guard for some of the following common pests:

  • Termites: These voracious insects enjoy fresh wood chips to support their appetites and nest. 
  • Carpenter ants: Decaying wood encourages ants already present in the underlying soil to establish and reproduce their colonies.
  • Centipedes and millipedes: These creepy, crawly insects feed on the well-nourished leaves, flowers and fruits found within mulched beds. 
  • Cockroaches: These despicable creatures love decomposing materials found in mulch. Once present, they are tempted to enter your home for warmth and other food sources.
  • Spiders: Spiders are glad for you to provide an inviting environment for insects so they, in turn, can feed on your new residents.
  • Rodents: Insects are not the only creatures who appreciate the benefits of mulch. Rodents seek places to hide from predators and protection from the elements.

Choosing the Right Type of Mulch

Mulch comes in a variety of materials that can be divided into two main categories: organic and inorganic. Organic mulch is derived from natural sources such as wood chips, leaves, bark and manure. By its nature, organic mulch is rich in moisture and nutrients. This material decomposes over time and requires seasonal renewal. The benefits of organic mulch are the very factors that provide what many pests desire.

Inorganic mulch is derived from rocks or synthetic materials such as rubber chips or textiles. Inorganic mulch lasts longer than its organic counterpart. This type of mulch can also hold moisture but requires supplementation of nutrients for the soil. Inorganic mulch is less hospitable overall to insects and rodents.

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