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How Cockroaches Can Damage Electronics

When it comes to insects, cockroaches are the last things you want to see running around your house. They are common in almost any environment and can easily sneak into your home through narrow cracks and small holes. Roaches can not only spread diseases and bacteria, but they can also cause asthma and allergy symptoms to worsen. Cockroaches can also damage your electronic appliances, electrical outlets, circuit breaker boxes, and light fixtures. Learn how they damage your electronics and what you can do to prevent an infestation.

Safety and Warmth

Cockroaches are often attracted to electronics because they are warm and dark. It’s also easy for them to burrow into electronics through small openings. This provides them with a safe place to shelter and lay their eggs. If a roach gets into an electronic device, it can cause circuits to short out by walking around and touching wires. This can lead to expensive repairs or replacement. They can also leave droppings behind or lay eggs, creating an even bigger problem.

Attracted to Insulation

Roaches do not just seek shelter; they also sneak into your home in search of food. Cockroaches will eat anything they can to survive, including food scraps, fabric, paper, and cardboard. Electrical wiring is usually insulated with paper or cellulose-based materials to protect it from a short circuit. Cockroaches will use the insulation as a food source which can further damage your electronics.

Prevention and Treatment

One way to prevent roaches from getting in your electronics is to make sure your home is clean. Here are a few simple ways to keep your home clean and reduce your risk of finding roaches.

  • Mop and vacuum floors often.
  • Ensure that the dishes are clean.
  • Put food in sealed containers.
  • Check for leaks to reduce excess moisture.
  • Clean grease and crumbs off of your stove and countertops.

If you find yourself with a roach infestation, boric acid or store-bought traps can help reduce the problem. However, these remedies can be limiting and may be dangerous to your pets. Since cockroaches are difficult to get rid of, the best option would be to call a professional to help handle your infestation. Contact us at Action Pest and Turf in Rogers, Arkansas, to talk to our experts about eliminating roaches from your home.

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