How Pests Get Into Your Home

Finding a pest, especially creepy crawlers with several legs, sends a shiver down the spine of any homeowner. Once you see a couple of the little critters roaming around, you know an infestation is looming. It’s no secret the small size of most pests give them the ability to get into your home fairly easily. They have an ability to find entrance ways that you didn’t even know existed. Plus, even areas that you think are sealed properly may still have a crack or crevice, allowing access to your home. With that being said, let’s look at some of the easiest ways for pests to get into your home.


Windows are a pest’s best friend. Think about the summertime, when you have the windows open with screens in. Obviously, the screens are there to prevent access. However, many screens have little holes and openings in them. Many pests, such as flies, will flutter right through those openings and into your home. Make sure your screens do not have any holes in them. In addition, check for cracks around your window frames and fix them with a sealant to prevent additional access.


Doors serve not only as an entranceway for humans but pests as well. Doors that are left ajar will almost certainly invite pests from outside to come in. Even when shut, an improperly sealed door will still let pests in. Investing in a simple door sweep or resealing the door frames are essential ways to make sure pests can’t enter your home.


The foundation of a home can take a beating over time. The older the foundation is, the more it will deteriorate. This leads to all sorts of cracks and gaps that form around the base of your home. Pests can easily find these entrance ways and slip into your home. Same goes for any ventilation, air ducts or gas lines. While almost always overthought, these essential components to your home are by far the easiest access points for pests.


The chimney is one of the largest openings of any home, if not the largest. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to prevent pest from entering 100% but there are steps you can take to limit unwanted visitors. Similar to how someone would install a screen in a window, chimney caps, wire mesh, and screens are all great options to help prevent critters from getting in. Lastly, during summer months make sure your flue is closed complelty shut to ensure no insect or animal can gain access into your home

Need Assistance

It can be overwhelming trying to deal with a pest problem on your own. With so many different access points around the home, it becomes a frustrating process to find them all. Luckily, there is another solution. Contact Action Pest and Turf today to talk with a team of professionals that know how to properly handle a pest infestation and help prevent another any unwanted entrance from occurring.