How Fast Can Termite Infestations Multiply and Spread?

Termite infestations are among the worst things your home could be plagued by. Wood structures at your home or business can sustain some very serious damage from these pests if left untreated. 

Here at Action Pest and Turf in Arkansas, we happily answer lots of questions about termites. 

“How can termites cause so much damage?” “Why do they seem to be everywhere?” Read on to find out how fast termite infestations can and often do multiply and spread.  

Why do Termites Infest a Home or Business?

To termites, your house and business are nothing more than a buffet. If they feel the structure of your home or business has more than enough food and moisture to satisfy their hunger, the colony queen will start to breed and set up colonies.

As colonies form, these little pests will search your property for untreated wood, such as old logs, trees, your home’s baseboards and structural components. They normally eat the cellulose located within the wood. 

A queen can be ready to reproduce in a matter of days and often lays thousands of eggs per year. Since a queen termite can live up to 15 years, a typical older colony has nearly a million workers—a number capable of causing extensive damage to your home and business.  

How Can Termites Spread So Fast?

Termites are extremely social insects, very much like ants but the two are not related. Termites prefer to live in colonies. Naturally, they pick up on their surroundings or communicate with fellow termites in their network to learn about food, shelter and water sources. If the colony locates a prime area, namely your home or business, they will try to infiltrate it. 

Once a colony starts to grow and reach a certain size, it will often split into more colonies to take advantage of the resources around them. Termites are capable of starting a new colony every 100 feet or so in any direction they choose.

Why You Can Trust Action Pest and Turf To Eradicate Your Termite Infestation

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We’ll be happy to come out to your home or business to perform a pest control inspection and evaluation. We know how to find and eliminate termite colonies or any other pests and help you come up with a plan to keep them away for good.  

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