I’ve Cleaned and I Still Have Pests – What Happened?

Let’s discuss a topic that comes up a lot when we are providing quotes and checking homes for the source of pest infestations. Even diligent homeowners who clean regularly can see pests settle in for an extended stay. In our experience, these are the homeowners who keep their floors swept and mopped daily, vacuum weekly or daily, take out the trash consistently and store all their food in sealed containers, too. They always ask the same question: if they are doing everything right, how are pests like roaches still invading? It’s an excellent question and the primary reason for hiring a pest removal service to get rid of your pest problem for good. Here are a few of the reasons your clean home may still have pests looking to move in:

Leaks and Damp

We frequently find leaky pipes and damp areas during home inspections homeowners had no idea existed. These collections of moisture are a major draw for every type of pest and vermin, but most especially for cockroaches. They can detect moisture from great distances away, and they are experts at getting into tight places that no other pest can reach. Like all forms of life, pests need water to survive. If you are unknowingly providing them with a source of water in a sheltered location like the walls or crawl spaces of your home, they are going to move in and reproduce.

The Incredible “Inedible” Diet

Pests can survive on food sources most other creatures wouldn’t even consider food. Among these are cardboard, glue, wallpaper paste, grease, book bindings, soap, and even human hair. They love your decaying food waste and other garbage, but they can live off of just about anything. When you check for unexpected leaks or damp areas in your home, see if there are any unusual food sources nearby that might be attracting pests as well.

Overgrown Outdoor Spaces

When it comes to pest control, keeping your yard tidy is often just as important as cleaning the kitchen. Pests come to your property in search of the three essentials of life: food, water, and shelter. If you have overgrown weeds and unkept sections of your lawn or backyard, then you are practically hanging a bed-and-breakfast sign out for the pests. Cut the grass, clear brush and weeds, and make sure that your garden is weeded regularly. Pests love untidy yards and gardens, and once they are established in your yard, it’s just a matter of time before they move into the house.

Is your clean and tidy home being invaded by pests? Contact Action Pest and Turf or visit our website. We are more than happy to help you evict your unwanted pests and make sure they stay gone for good.