Pest Control Services: What Do They Offer?

If you’re at your wit’s end about your current pest infestation, you can finally catch a break. You can set down your store-bought repellents and traps and rest knowing there is someone who wants to help.

A lot of pest control companies have the same types of services and can offer you the relief you may need from your problems.

Action Pest & Turf is a pest control service for residents and businesses in Northwest Arkansas. If you want to know exactly what services they offer, read below:


Most pest control services have trained professionals that figure out your problem and spend the least amount of time and money to fix it for you.

Action Pest & Turf is owned by one of these professionals with over 24 years of experience. They have made it their goal to provide the most exceptional service at the best price.

Their technicians are constantly improving and learning new technology and techniques to ensure that you are not robbed of the value of your home. They even have a money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied.

Treatment Services

Pest treatments.

There is a plethora of pests in Northwest Arkansas that could be plaguing your home. Action Pest & Turf treats the following pests:

  • Grubs.
  • Earwigs.
  • Fleas.
  • Spiders.
  • Moles.
  • Wasps.
  • Ants.
  • Centipedes.
  • Crickets.
  • Ticks.
  • Mice/Rats.

Lawn care.

Action Pest & Turf takes care of your lawn on top of the treatment services they provide. This includes:

  • Weed control.
  • Fertilization.
  • Lime application.
  • Core aeration.
  • Outside plant care.

Service Plans

Part of Action Pest & Turf’s guarantee comes from their service plans, and it all begins with an inspection. They inspect your home, any other buildings on your residence, your yard, and any possible entry points. They then use this information to design the best plan to stop pests from invading your property.

Each service plan comes with the option to have technicians inspect your property annually and re-treat if there are any possible infestations. In your personalized plan, you can request them to come as often as you would like if you need more frequent visits.

Why Choose Action Pest & Turf

Action Pest & Turf takes pride in ensuring you have a beautiful yard and home. That is why they take the time to do a thorough assessment and make any necessary changes. If you are not satisfied, neither are they.

Their distinguished approach offers long-term solutions that are at a low cost to you with satisfying results. To get a more thorough understanding of their solutions and to get your free quote, contact Action Pest & Turf today.