Pet Friendly Pest Control

We know how important your home and your pets are to you. While getting pest control treatment, you will want to make sure your pets are safe. Talk to our team and see how we can assist you. There are also steps you can take to help the pest control treatment be safe for you and your pets.

What To Do During Home Pest Control Treatment

During pet friendly pest control, you can stay in the house as it is happening. Take a few action steps to best protect your animals. Keep cats off surfaces after the treatment is done for four hours. Move fish off the countertops as well and cover the bowl while it is happening.

For your pets, move their bedding, toys and food.

The pesticides applied are at a low enough concentration that they take care of the pest problems, but are not harmful for humans or pests.

How To Keep Pets Safe

Speak to the technician during the pest control and see what their recommendations are. Let them know that you need pet friendly pest control.

If possible, you can keep the pets out of the area for a few hours or keep them outside while the pest treatment professional is visiting.

Getting the pest control done can help your pet in the long run. It protects them from potential diseases caused by the pests.

Keeping The Home Pest Free

To secure your home from pests, close off any holes or cracks that they can get it. Keep your home clean, including washing down surfaces and the bedding. Store food in airtight containers.

Clean up any areas of standing water so insects like mosquitoes can not breed.

Choosing The Right Methods

For rodents, mousetraps can be a better alternative. If you plan on using rodenticides, use one that has an antidote. Keep it out of reach of pets.

Certain chemicals are safer than others. Low-concentration pyrethroids, neonicotinoids, lfipronil, borates and hydramethylnon are safer.

Talk to your vet and see what they recommend.

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We have plenty of experience providing pet safe pest control treatment for homes with pets. Trust us to keep your home safe and pest free.