Repairing Lawn Damage From Grubs

Have pests totally ruined your lawn? Don’t worry, there are several steps you can take to make your lawn look brand new again.


You can remove dead grass and other debris with a rake. Simply rake through your yard once or twice to get rid of imperfections. After doing this, your lawn may look pretty bare, but that’s okay. You must get rid of this debris before your yard can heal.

Get new grass

Some lawns are just too damaged to re-grow, and that’s okay. You can grow new grass in the spring time. At your local garden supply store, find a grass seed that’s similar to the grass in your yard. Then, walk through your yard and note the areas where you want new grass to grow. Plant the seeds evenly throughout these areas, and also put a thin layer of straw over them to protect them from pests and harsh sun. If you live in a dryer climate, make sure to water these seeds frequently, as they need lots of water to grow.

If you don’t want to wait for new seeds to grow, you can purchase sod and plant that in your yard instead. Sod will need a little extra attention, so make sure that you give it plenty of water and fertilize it a few weeks after it has been planted.

Use fertilizer

Using fertilizer can make a huge difference in how your lawn looks and feels. If you are planning to fertilize your lawn, purchasing a spreader is a necessity. As its name suggests, a spreader will spread an even amount of fertilizer throughout your lawn.

You should fertilize your lawn before a rainy day because fertilizer needs water to work. If you live in a dry climate, just make sure you water your lawn significantly after fertilizing. Fertilizer will also kill most existing pests, which is a great bonus.

Make cleaning your lawn a habit

Maintaining a clean lawn will make for a pest-free lawn in the long term. Pests are attracted to debris like old leaves, food, and pet droppings. Simply walking through your yard once a week and doing some maintenance will keep pests away.

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