The Truth About Four Common Pest Control Myths

The world of pests and pest control has a sort of mysterious aura surrounding it. Most people know some general information about the subject, but a plethora of myths still pervade the conversation. Misinformation is what pests depend on for survival, so to defend against them, the best thing you can do is to educate yourself. Here are four pest control myths which many people falsely believe to be true.

Bees Can Only Sting Once

The notion that bees, wasps, and hornets can only sting a person once is one of the most common pest control myths that you’ll hear; however, honeybees are the only stinging insects for which this myth is true. Once a honeybee stings a person or animal, their stinger is ripped out, along with their abdomen and guts, killing them very shortly afterward. Unfortunately, every other pest which stings or bites can do so repeatedly. If you have been stung by a yellow jacket or wasp, don’t think you have seen the last of it.

DIY Pest Control

DIY pest control is never ideal. It’s almost always better to hire professionals to handle your pest problems, but if there’s one pest which you never want to treat on your own, it’s bed bugs. Bed bugs are not only horrible creatures to live with, but they are one of the most tenacious pests in the world as well. Store bought bed bug treatments can end up scattering the pests further around your house, and even if you try and vacuum them all up, heat dry your clothes and seal up your mattress in a cover, if you miss just a few of them, they can reproduce and infest your house again in days. Instead, call pest control specialists and have them heat treat your home. It’s your best bet when dealing with these painful insects.

When a Neighbor Fumigates, Pests Will be Driven to Nearby Houses

Nope. When pest control specialists fumigate a house, they’re not evicting the bugs and forcing them to move. Instead, they’re killing them, plain and simple. Unfortunately, if a house is infested and needs to be fumigated, it probably means that the bugs are already in the area and it’s likely that other homes nearby are infested as well. If your neighbor is fumigating, you should take a good look around your own house, because you may need to as well.

Cats Make Good Rodent Controllers

Every once in a while, a house cat might catch a rat or mouse. Okay. But the notion that cats are the angels of death to everything even resembling a rodent is cartoonish, to say the least. Domesticated cats have had most of their ‘killer instinct’ bred out long ago, and even though you may find your little hunter with a mouse between its teeth every now and then, you should by no means count on them to take complete charge of your rodent problem.

Pests are difficult to get rid of already, but not having the proper information about them can really make them extra problematic. Learn the truth and get the upper hand. For more information, or to receive quality pest control services, contact us today.