The Top Three Culprits for Attracting Cockroaches Into Your Home

Nothing is more disgusting than seeing cockroaches scurry across your floor. You pride yourself on cleanliness, and yet you find that these pests have taken up residence in your home. What is attracting these disease-ridden raiders into your dwelling, and how can you guard against them? 

To beat them at their own game, you must understand the basic needs of a cockroach.

1. Food Sources

Cockroaches are attracted by smells and have an innate ability to seek out the source of odors. They are drawn to many food sources, especially starchy and sweet delicacies, meat and bone scraps and fruit rinds, peels and cores. 

However, their sense of what to eat is broader than that of humans. Therefore, pet food, paper, cardboard, glue, waste products and even other insects can be on their menu. Cockroaches even thrive on garbage and spoiled, rotting food.

Floors and countertops with any residual food act as buffets for hungry roaches. Just a small amount of crumbs can feed a colony of roaches on an ongoing basis. Even stored papers and boxes provide meals for these voracious eaters.

2. Water and Humidity

Cockroaches need a continual water source even more than they need food. They are especially at home in sewers and storm drains. An unattended leaky pipe or faucet is just the right source of moisture for these thirsty invaders.

3. Warmth

The chilly winter months tend to draw us all indoors. Cockroaches are no different. They are glad to huddle in right along with you to weather the cold, often in the inviting cracks and crevices within the walls of your rooms and doorways.

Contact a Cockroach Exterminator

If you unwittingly offer humidity and warmth to a cockroach family, such as in a laundry room or garage, you are providing the perfect environment for their survival. Attics, kitchens and bathrooms also supply an excellent combination of necessary moisture and food. 

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