Top 6 Pesky Pests That Munch on Your Jack-O-Lantern

It’s fall and you have been growing your pumpkins all summer. Better yet, you picked up a fresh pumpkin from your local market; but somehow, you’re getting more than you bargained for. With pesky pests all around, you need to know if your pumpkin is the culprit or not. Find out below which critters are munching on your favorite fall decoration.

Is Your Pumpkin Responsible for New-Found Critters?

In short, the answer is yes: pumpkins do attract pests. They can also attract deer, rodents and hedgehogs. Your pumpkin attracts this variety of creatures for the same reason: food. Because of its short-lived freshness, your pumpkin is vulnerable to pests eating it whether it’s in the garden, freshly-picked or rotting. 

During the fall, we all love to carve pumpkins. However, your annual jack-o-lantern is guaranteed to attract pests once the inside flesh is exposed.

Which Pests Should You Be on the Lookout for?


Pumpkins attract beetles, but your local pest control company can easily treat them. Their life cycle depends on access to food; so for them, it’s almost imperative that they eat your pumpkin. 


Aphids prey on your fall decor, too. Aphids are small insects that are attracted to fruits and vegetables so that they can suck all of the nutrients out of them. Their bodies leave a sticky residue, called honeydew, on your plants. 


Ants also have a relationship with aphids, with ants acting as their protectors. If aphids are around, you can be sure to see ants as well. Ants will use any opportunity to infest your pumpkin.  

Fruit Flies and Squash Bugs

As your pumpkin begins to rot, it attracts fruit flies and squash bugs. The more your pumpkin rots, fruit flies come in droves. 

Little critters called squash bugs are more interested in your pumpkin vines, but they will not pass up a chance to eat its insides. You might recognize squash bugs since they look so much like stink bugs. 

Mice and Rats

Mice and rats will nibble on your pumpkin whether it’s fresh or rotting. 

Snails and Slugs

Snails and slugs can impose themselves on your pumpkin as well. However, you mostly have to worry about them snacking in your garden. 

Keeping Pests Away 

The best preventative measure you can take is to make sure you properly treat your lawn and garden. Pest control can keep your jack-o-lanterns smiling and your garden plentiful. They can also stop pesky pests before they enter your home. 
Prevention is a lot easier than treatment. Contact Action Pest and Turf to take care of your unwanted lawn guests.