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What is Flea Powder and Does it Work?

If you have or suspect that you have a flea problem amongst your pets, then you should look into flea powder. There are two powders that you can look into, one for direct on the spot contact for your pets or a powder that is meant to be sprinkled into your carpet. They do two things, they kill existing fleas and they make sure that new fleas do not hatch and continue the infestation.

The marketplace for anti-flea powders is a wide range to choose from. Some powders dehydrate existing fleas and flea eggs in order to kill them. The powder makes the surface so dry that it can’t support life. Other powders have insecticides that are there to be poison for the fleas. These powders shouldn’t be used on the direct skin or fur of your pets. Although it may be a small amount of insecticide, poison is poison. You wouldn’t want your children or yourself to come in contact with poison on a regular basis, even if it is a small amount.

Flea powders are a great course of action in order to help with a flea infestation, but that might not be enough to completely eradicate the problem. Think of flea powders as one tool rather than a fix-all solution. Fleas reproduce at an alarmingly fast rate, so getting to the root of the problem of reproducing fleas is the best way to nip it in the bud.

Vacuum your living areas and immediately take out what is caught up in the filter. Getting rid of any eggs that were laid in the fibers of your carpet is an essential step in either making sure infestations don’t happen or stopping a current infestation. It would also be a good time to give your pets a thorough bath. You can search for anti-flea soaps and shampoos. Even if you don’t necessarily have those on hand at the moment, bathing your pets regularly and thoroughly ensures that fleas won’t be attracted to your pets.

Flea powders do work but depending on the severity of your flea infestation and the kinds of pets you have, it might be best to speak to a professional. Contact Action Pest and Turf today to speak with an extermination specialist. From there, they can determine the best course of action for you and your pets.

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