What You Should Do If There Are Bats in Your Home

Finding bats in your home can be a terrifying experience. However, the bats are probably more scared of you than you are in that situation, and they are highly unlikely to cause any direct harm to you and your family.

Bats in the house can be a source of discomfort due to stains and bad odor but they are less likely to cause property damages, such as chewing and gnawing. For the best bat and pest removal services, Action Pest and turf has got your back. We offer comprehensive pest control services that will take care of your bat problem.

Locate and get rid of bats in your house

All bat encounters are not the same. For some people, a bat encounter may be a one-time thing with a confused and lost young bat who is at the wrong place. In other houses, the issue may be more extensive and need a more distinct approach. Occasionally during summer months, young bats who are just learning to fly will find their way into your house. These bats will often circle the room looking for a way out. Take the below steps to get rid of them:

Step #1

Try confining the bat in the smallest room in your house. Choose a room with windows or a door that leads outside. The bat will fly out as soon as there is an opening.

Step #2

If the bat cannot fly out on its own, remain calm, sit around and watch it. It will not attack you. Please wait for the bat to land and use a towel or a cloth to capture it. Wrap it up and take it outside and release it to fly on its own.

Step #3

Once the bat lands, you can also use a plastic container to put over it. Slide a sheet of paper between the floor and the container and take the bat outside.

Step #4

Don’t try to trap it using a tennis racket or a net; it won’t be easy. This method might also hurt the bat, which will result in the bat attacking you. Sit and wait for the bat to land.

What to do if you have a bat problem – Call an Expert

If your bat issue extends beyond a one-time encounter, the bat removal process may require more work. You will need to contact a bat control expert for assistance. Bats like to stay in dark, hidden, and undisturbed areas such as crawl spaces, roofs, and attics with access to the outside.

To know if you have a problem of bats in house, check for droppings or guano around and under prime hanging spots. Also, check for urine spots to find out where their entry point is.

Once you have allocated the bats’ nest, you can take steps to safely enclose them before calling an experienced bat control expert.

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