Pests dislike the cold weather as much as you do. Unfortunately, many of them try to invade your home as the weather declines in November. Some pests, including rodents and insects, will seek shelter close by or inside your house to survive through the season.

3 Places to Find Pests in the Winter

Outdoor Clutter

Clutter makes the perfect shelter for pests when the winter arrives. It protects them from the elements and gives them small areas inside where they can build nests and wait until the season ends. You can reduce the pest population around your home by cleaning up the clutter, such as putting away old car parts, picking up wood debris and putting away the children's toys.

Inside Your Home

Pests have instincts, so they seek the warmest place in the vicinity when it gets cold. If it's your home, they'll search the entire perimeter for a way to get inside. They come in through small crevices and gaps and then hide out in boxes, clutter and out-of-the-way spots. Checking the exterior for pest entryways and blocking them with sealant will keep out unwanted insects and rodents throughout the winter season.

Cracks in the Exterior

Stinkbugs, ladybugs and other overwintering pests don't always come inside. They either miss an opportunity to slip through the door or find places outside for shelter. Bricks and wood siding develop cracks over time, providing decent shelter for pests through the winter. You can take away the pests' hiding spots by performing regular maintenance around your home's exterior. Repair the damage around bricks, and replace siding if pieces are missing or damaged.

Fight Overwintering Pests the Professional Way

It's much harder to fight pests once they've invaded your home and found hiding spots. If you don't want to deal with a winter infestation, treat your home before rodents and insects come inside for the season. Taking preventative action is the solution for keeping an infestation from happening in your home. Action Pest and Turf will not only pretreat your home for winter pests but also eliminate any insects or rodents that have already infested your living space.