Why Not to DIY Pest Control

Whether you’re dealing with bugs, rodents or other pests, it’s tempting to try to take matters into your own hands when you find unwanted visitors in the home. Unfortunately, attempting to handle pest control by yourself can backfire. You may find the methods you try to be ineffective or, in some cases, actually make the problems worse. Here are a few top reasons why you should leave pest removal to the experts: 

1.) Mistaken Identity
Some pests can easily be mistaken for one another. For example, you might think that the carpenter ants in your home are termites, or that you have a mouse problem when the issue is actually rats. This makes a difference because the methods for eradication will vary depending on the pest you’re dealing with. Having an experienced professional make that call is the first step toward success. 

2.) Pest Control Methods Are Dangerous
To be effective, pesticides and rodenticides are poisonous. Some are highly dangerous neurotoxins that can be harmful to people and pets. They must be handled with utmost care and used on the home in a way that will be effective against pests without putting anyone at risk. Additionally, DIY methods are often not as powerful as what professionals have access to. 

3.) Inefficient Pest Control Causes More Problems 
Bugs can become resistant to poisons. If you don’t have the pesticide dosage right, you may simply be toughening up each generation of bugs. That will make eradicating them even harder. Leaving it up to the professionals saves you time, money and the frustration of stubborn infestations. 

Don’t waste your valuable time and money on DIY pest control techniques that might not work. Instead, call in a professional who can do it right the first time and give you some peace of mind in knowing that your home is properly protected against all manner of creepy crawlies. 

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