Why Your Yard Needs to be Properly Maintained to Avoid Pests

People usually assume that pest control starts and stops in the house; however, the area around your home—notably your backyard and lawn—also needs to be tended to for protection against pests. An essential aspect of pest control; lawn maintenance should not be overlooked. Here is why you should pay attention to the health of your yard if you want to keep your life pest free, and what might happen if you allow it to get out of control.

Why Pests Love Unkempt Lawns

The perimeter of your house is your first defense against pests. If bugs and insects don’t find your yard hospitable, they’re much less likely to make their way inside your home. Something that pests especially enjoy in a lawn is long, overgrown grass that they can use as hiding spots for breeding and nesting. Debris such as bikes, disposable cups and plates, hoses, kids’ toys, and gardening equipment are considered welcome additions by any pests that are trying to raise a family on your lawn. Furthermore, overwatered lawns—especially to the point of puddling—are special attractions to pests, giving them ample amounts to drink. Lastly, untrimmed bushes near the walls of your house can give pests easy access inside, something you’re going to want to avoid at all costs.

How to Keep Pests off Your Lawn

Now that you know the dangers of having an unkempt yard, what can you do for your lawn to get the edge over any unwelcome pests trying to hide on your property? First, mow your lawn. This one should go without saying, but if you forget too many times, a colony of ants or some mosquitoes may end up reminding you. Clean up any items strewn around the yard as well, especially food like a half-eaten bagel or a chewed-up piece of gum. Also, when you water, don’t drench your lawn so that the soil can’t absorb it all; a light sprinkle should be fine. Finally, if any bushes or tree branches are brushing up against your house, make sure to cut or trim them back or else bugs and insects may use them as a bridge.

Lawn care can be a lot of work; however, pest infestations are unquestionably more tedious to deal with. Just spend a little bit of time taking care of your yard, and it’ll look great and be pest free. For more information, or to receive quality pest control and lawn services, contact Action Pest and Turf today.