Will My Insurance Cover Termite Damage?

Are you wondering if termite damage is covered by your homeowner’s insurance? The basic rule of thumb is that damage caused by unexpected events such as storms, fire or theft is covered. While anything that is preventable, such as termites, is not covered. Termites cause billions of dollars in property damage every year. Don’t let your home be part of that statistic.

Create an Invisible Barrier

The best insurance against termites is prevention. Keep termites from chewing on your home by making it hard for them to gain access. The only part of your home that should be in contact with the soil is cinder block or concrete. Create a barrier around your home by making sure that all plants, bushes or trees are at least 12 inches from the building. Keep mulch four inches away from the foundation. Make sure that gutters are clear and that they drain a few feet away from the house. In the spring, termites get cabin fever and swarm to find new homes. They are attracted to light at night, so keep them from choosing your home by turning off all exterior lights in the evening. A little prevention goes a long way.

Inspect for Signs

Termites can be extremely difficult to spot. Once termites choose their home, they dig into the wood and block up their entrance hole, leaving no sign. The wood itself provides them with everything they need: food, water and shelter. As Drywood Termites devour wood, they run out of space in their tunnels. They must do something with the droppings they create from digesting your home.

Termite droppings, or frass, are tiny oval pellets that are rounded on both ends and have six concave sides. The termites will dig holes and push the pellets out of those holes. The pellets pile up in little mounds of what looks like salt or pepper. Subterranean Termites do not leave piles of pellets. Instead, they use the digested material to build mud tunnels that run up your foundation. They use these tunnels to gain access to your home without exposing themselves.

Enlist the Experts

If you even suspect that you might have termites, it’s time to call in the experts. This is one time to skip the DIY method. When you contact Action Pest and Turf, ask about the termite damage contract. For just pennies a day, our expert technicians will perform an annual inspection of your home for signs of termites. We will use the latest techniques to treat all possible entry points and eliminate any current infestations. Our team will work for you, keeping your home safe from future termite damage.