The nearly 10,000 residents of Centerton, Arkansas, enjoy a good life with pleasant neighbors and plenty of good employment opportunities in the larger nearby cities of Rogers, Fayetteville, Bentonville, and Springdale. This part of the country experiences the best and the worst of each season, and those in Centerton know that they can look forward to something new every few months. Pleasant spring temperatures are perfect for weekend barbecues and children playing outside all day, and the extremely hot summers call everyone out to the local swimming hole. Crisp fall days bring the leaves alive with vivid colors, and the bitterly cold winters provide a playground for the children thanks to the abundant snow and ice. Here at Action Pest & Turf, we understand that a variety of pests arrive with each new season. The wet spring encourages breeding, the hot summer temperatures bring out thousands of nuisance creatures in search of food and those bitter cold winters send all sorts of pests inside of heated structures for a bit of warmth. These are just a few of the most common insects that we regularly eliminate from Centerton homes and businesses.


There are around 1,000 ant species in America, and every state experiences issues with ants. In this area, both the carpenter ant and the odorous house ant create the most problems.

  • Carpenter Ants: These ants are often mistaken for termites because they also damage wood. However, carpenter ants don’t actually eat the wood. This insect removes wood to create elaborate tunnels throughout your home, and you may end up with walls that are completely hollow before you even realize that these ants are present. With thousands of worker ants in each colony, it doesn’t take long for your home to sustain costly damages.
  • Odorous House Ants: These little ants aren’t as destructive as the carpenter ant, but you may find your kitchen filled with as many as 100,000 odorous house ants at one time because they work as a team to find your pet’s food bowl or a crumb of food dropped on the floor. They often take up residence underneath carpet and behind wall panels, and they emit a horrible odor when stomped.


This area houses seed ticks, American dog ticks, brown dog ticks and deer ticks, and you may find any of them enjoying a meal of blood from one of your pets or your children. Both of the dog ticks are capable of transmitting Rocky Mountain spotted fever to humans, and this can be fatal. The deer tick transmits Lyme disease, and the seed tick transmits ehrlichiosis.


Just a couple of blood-sucking fleas on your pet can become a huge infestation inside of your home. Fleas will take up residence in your beds, your household furnishings and in any carpets, and they’ll feed on both pets and humans. Flea bites may cause severe allergic reactions in sensitive persons, and fleas also transmit a variety of unpleasant diseases.

Professional Help is Available

Here at Action Pest & Turf, we’re available to take care of these and any other pest-control issues that Centerton residents and business owners may experience. Give us a call at 479-715-0749, and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free estimate.