If you’re looking for cockroach control services in Washington County or Benton County, Arkansas, Action Pest and Turf has you covered. Our talented technicians are well-versed with the best products and techniques for eliminating cockroaches from homes and businesses, and we don’t consider the job done until the pests are gone for good.

People are often misinformed about cockroach infestations. Did you know:

  • Cockroaches can harm your health. They spread germs, bacteria, and even parasitic worms. The body parts and feces they leave around a home can exacerbate asthma and allergies. Over time, they can even contaminate food.
  • These pests are equal-opportunity invaders. They’re found in modest apartments and lavish mansions. They hitch rides into homes in grocery bags, delivery cartons, and other containers and can also get into a home through impossibly tiny holes and cracks.
  • Because they’re nocturnal, cockroaches are usually only spotted at night. By day, they prefer tucking themselves away in dark places like cracks, wall voids, beneath counters and inside appliances. They multiply rapidly, so infestations spiral out of control quickly.

What We Do

When it comes to eliminating cockroaches, do-it-yourself techniques aren’t effective. Action Pest and Turf will handle the problem quickly. Our services stand out in the following ways:

  • Our technicians know where cockroaches like to hide. Through a combination of proper sanitation and effective eradication methods, they will eliminate cockroaches from your home or business.
  • A variety of products and techniques are needed to effectively eliminate cockroaches. Our team will inspect the premises and physically remove as many roaches as possible with a HEPA-filtered vacuum. Next, they will apply products, including flushing agents, insect growth regulators, residual liquid and dust insecticides, in voids, cracks and other hard-to-reach places. To ensure they are gone, our team will set baits for stragglers and use insect activity monitoring devices to ensure optimal results.
  • Large pest control companies typically have purchasing agreements requiring them to buy certain brands in bulk. They care more about getting discount prices than in using the best products for the job. Action Pest and Turf is different. We always use the most effective products for the circumstances and continually evaluate our inventory to ensure we only use the best. Products we rely on include Phantom, Temprid, Alpine, Maxforce, Invict, Advion, Gentrol, Nyguard, and Vendetta. A rotation of products is required to avoid resistance issues.
  • A follow-up visit is included with our cockroach clean-out service. We will stop by to re-inspect the premises and to re-apply products as needed. No job is complete until the cockroaches are completely eliminated.
  • While do-it-yourself eradication methods don’t work, there are steps you can take to keep the problem from happening in the first place. Keep your kitchen spic and span. Promptly clean up spills and crumbs around the home. Eliminate clutter. Inspect groceries and other items you bring into your home. Caulk and seal cracks, seams and around pipes. Occasionally clean behind bulky appliances like refrigerators, and periodically inspect the premises for signs of cockroach infestations.

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