Nothing can tarnish your business reputation faster than a stray mouse or cockroach that darts out in front of an employee or a valued customer. Once this happens, the damage is done, and it’s too late to turn back the clock. At Action Pest & Turf, we understand that maintaining a clean, safe, pest-free environment is critical for the success of your company. We use proactive strategies to remove infestations and keep pests from threatening your business.

Effective Pest Management Strategies

Pests are active every minute of the day and night. Even after your employees sign off, insects and rodents are ready to work overtime. Our pest management strategies rely on a thorough understanding of pest behavior, animal life cycles and environmental factors that make buildings more susceptible to infestations.

Integrated pest management techniques are safer and more effective than traditional methods because they use the principles of nature to beat pests at their own game. Our experts advocate good sanitation practices and structural enhancements to remove food and water sources and to fortify entry points that pests use to gain access to your building. Understanding all of the factors that drive pest activity and encourage the proliferation of nuisance species allows us to maintain a pest-free environment and minimize pesticide use.

Pest Control Services for Your Arkansas Business

In addition to considering the conditions that are favorable to rodents, ants, roaches and other insects, we’ve developed specialized treatment plans for customers in different industries. Our integrated pest management techniques are ideal for restaurants, offices, retail properties, warehouses, storage facilities, factories, apartment buildings and every type of commercial property.

Our experienced technicians are trained to comply with food safety standards and strict industry regulations. Whether we’re eliminating an existing infestation or performing preventive treatments, we’re committed to using safe and effective methods for keeping your business free from nuisance pests. We’re available after-hours or at any time that’s convenient for you. Plus, our services are always discreet.

Local Experts

In Benton and Washington counties, the climate is hospitable to all kinds of pests that you can’t afford to have on your property. Investing in commercial pest control services is good for business. Our multi-faceted approach emphasizes good sanitation, building maintenance and environmental practices that discourage infestations in the first place.

Banish pests from your business with commercial pest control services designed especially for your industry. Contact Action Pest and Turf today to request an on-site inspection or a free quote for our extensive range of services.