Farmington’s warm, humid climate benefits many harmful insects, such as termites, ants and mosquitoes. They have the potential to damage buildings and put your health at risk. If you don’t react immediately, a minor invasion can become a much larger problem as eggs continue to hatch. Fortunately, the experts at Action Pest & Turf have the knowledge, experience and equipment needed to banish a wide range of pests. Our staff strives to completely eliminate every infestation as quickly as possible. We serve home and business owners in Farmington and throughout Washington County.

Residential Pest Control in Farmington

Rodents and bugs often target residential buildings because they provide comfortable living conditions and plenty of food. Carnivorous insects can feed on humans or pets at any hour if they find the right house. For example, mosquitoes attack Farmington residents in both outdoor and indoor locations. Over 40 species live in Arkansas; they include the aedes, culex and Asian tiger varieties. Some kinds of mosquitoes spread dangerous illnesses like West Nile virus. They can also transmit heartworm to pets. Even if mosquitoes don’t trigger any medical problems, they could easily ruin your next pool party or cookout. Action Pest & Turf eradicates these annoying bugs by repeatedly treating their breeding areas with a safe yet powerful pesticide.

Northwestern Arkansas Ant Infestations

Ants won’t try to drain your veins, but they still have the ability to make life miserable. Several species regularly infiltrate Farmington homes and businesses. For instance, house ants may steal or contaminate your food. They produce an unpleasant smell if you step on them. Fire ants move quickly and inflict painful bites. Another common variety in Washington County is the carpenter ant. If it ventures indoors, this pest can damage walls, roofs, windows and other wooden structures. Ants also destroy appliances and air conditioners when they build nests inside of the equipment. Action Pest Control tackles these infestations by eliminating nests and blocking entryways.

Washington County Commercial Pest Control

Many different types of businesses serve customers in Farmington. They include multiple auto dealerships, retail shops, laundromats and restaurants. None of these establishments can afford to let a major infestation take hold. Pests might ruin costly supplies, damage commercial buildings or cause irreparable harm to a firm’s reputation. Companies may need to pay fines if they fail government inspections. Our technicians understand the importance of preventing infestations and immediately eradicating any pests that invade a business. We take steps to thoroughly seal entryways, eliminate unnecessary moisture and limit access to food sources.

Call Action Pest & Turf For Assistance

If you need to rid your business or home of pests, contact us as soon as possible. We can banish unwanted creatures more quickly and affordably while an infestation remains small. Our staff knows how to eradicate cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas, mosquitoes, ants, termites, mice and many other pests. We fully guarantee every treatment, so you can count on us to deliver lasting results. To request a free quote or learn more about our top-notch Farmington pest control services, please call 479-715-0749 today.