If pests have infested your Fayetteville home or business, you’re not alone. Contrary to popular belief, pests like termites, ants and cockroaches don’t limit themselves to invading filthy homes and buildings. They’re just as apt to sneak their way into places that are downright pristine. That’s undoubtedly small comfort, however, when you’re in the throes of a bona fide pest infestation. Naturally, you want the issue cleared up quickly and may even attempt to tackle it yourself. Regardless of the circumstances, this isn’t the way to go. Most often, do-it-yourself measures merely prolong the issue. For prompt, effective pest control in Fayetteville and throughout northwest Arkansas, trust the experts at Action Pest & Turf.

Residential Pest Control in Fayetteville

Have you seen signs of pest activity in your Fayetteville home? Perhaps you’ve noticed a cockroach or two skittering around. One thing’s for sure: There are more where those came from. Maybe you’ve seen signs of termite activity, such as sawdust-like piles and apparent damage to wooden structural components in your home. If so, significant damage may have already occurred, and it will only get worse until you bring in the professionals. Similar damage can be wrought by carpenter ants, and many other species of ants pose a variety of threats to unsuspecting homeowners and their families.

Commercial Pest Control in Fayetteville

If you own a business in the area, the last thing you need is a pest control problem. An issue like that can wreak havoc on a company’s reputation and make people think twice about doing business there. Just like at home, it’s also simply unpleasant. Structural damage from termites can cost a business huge amounts of money, and cockroaches are known to spread E. coli and other diseases. Ants are famous for leaving pheromone trails for their cohorts, who then stream inside in huge numbers. Infestations like these tend to spiral out of control quickly, so immediate action is of the utmost importance.

Don’t Wait

By the time you’ve noticed definite signs of pest activity in your home or business, a full-fledged infestation is undoubtedly already underway. Action Pest & Turf can help. Our extensively trained technicians are armed with the latest and best tools and equipment, and they know how to not only eradicate pests from the premises but how to keep them from coming back. We’ll help you reclaim your business or home from ants, termites, cockroaches and other pests quickly, efficiently and effectively.

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Action Pest & Turf serves the entire northwest Arkansas area and is pleased to offer free estimates. If you are coping with an infestation in your Fayetteville home or business, don’t take matters into your own hands. Ensure prompt results by calling Action Pest & Turf today.