Though Arkansas enjoys four distinct seasons, the area’s weather and humidity levels remain optimal for a variety of nuisance insects to make themselves comfortable in and around homes and businesses throughout Lowell. Here at Action Pest & Turf, we have carefully trained, experienced technicians who are ready to solve your pest-control issues quickly and effectively. These are just a few of the most common insects that we are regularly called on to eradicate in the Lowell area.

Cockroach Elimination

Along with the common brown cockroach with its well-developed wings, both the American and the German cockroach are frequent visitors to Lowell homes and businesses. Their presence has nothing to do with the cleanliness of the property and everything to do with insects that know how to seek out a comfortable life with plenty of food and water. They can get inside through the smallest openings, and they breed at an alarming rate that can quickly create a huge infestation. These insects carry many nasty diseases, and our technicians won’t stop until every single cockroach has been eliminated.

Termite Control

It’s a popular belief that only those who live in wood-frame homes need to worry about termite damage, but the truth is that any type of structure may be attacked by subterranean termites. Significant damages have occurred in Lowell homes due to the invasive nature of these termites, and a single colony may contain up to 1 million termites. They can easily work their way into the interior walls of your home and engage in a group feeding frenzy that can lead to extensive structural damage. Whether you’re building a new home or are worried about an existing structure, you can depend on our technicians to find the termite colonies and destroy them completely.

Ant Removal

Large, black carpenter ants are a common sight in this area, and they can become a problem when the entire colony decides to nest inside of your walls. These ants are also capable of delivering a nasty bite to household pets and anyone who gets in their way. However, most Lowell residents find their biggest ant problem to come in the form of the odorous house ant. These ants will most likely be found in your kitchen near a food source, and you’ll know them by the strange coconut smell that they emit. Regardless of what kind of ant is bothering you, our technicians are prepared to remove it.

We’re Here to Help

If you have concerns or questions about any of these bothersome insects, then please feel free to give us a call at 479-715-0749 today. We’ll give you a free estimate and work quickly to solve your pest-control issue.