It only takes a few insects to create a massive infestation. When it comes to ants and termites, a colony can overtake homes without notice. Action Pest & Turf works hard to prevent insect pests from invading homes in Pea Ridge and throughout Northwest Arkansas. Because of the state’s warm, humid climate, invasive pests thrive for much of the year. Once spring and summer arrive, ants and termites take over. When these pests threaten your happy home, let Action Pest & Turf step in and take control.

Residential Pest Control in Pea Ridge

Though ants tend to stay outdoors, the workers often hunt for food and water farther away from the colony; this journey leads them to many homes in town. As they travel, the workers leave a pheromone trail behind them, helping them to find their way home and lead other ants to their location. When the workers find food, they signal to other ants back at the colony to come and investigate the situation. Before you know it, ants have invaded your kitchen and living spaces.

Though it helps to keep a clean house, ants can find the smallest morsel or hidden water source. Once the ants have moved into your home, they won’t easily go away on their own. It takes professional pest control to eradicate them, and our certified technicians know exactly how to do it.

Commercial Pest Control in Pea Ridge

Though both ants and termites create problems for homeowners in Pea Ridge, they also hurt businesses in the city. Unfortunately, termites create more devastation by the numbers. These insects thrive in the South and the Midwest and have created problems for home and business owners throughout Northwest Arkansas. Though they appear similar in shape and size to ants, their colonies can grow even larger and create massive destruction.

Termites eat wood and use the cellulose within the fibers as a food source. While it may take quite a few years for a few termites to show signs of damage, it can take a relatively short time for a colony to leave its mark. Without immediate action, termites can cost you thousands in repair costs in a single year. Action Pest & Turf specializes in preventative and curative termite control. Our team can design a custom treatment plan and also help you learn how to identify termites and their activity for future readiness.

Experienced and Local Pest Control Experts

Although Northwest Arkansas is home to many invasive pest insects, you shouldn’t have to live with your guard up 24/7. Contact Action Pest & Turf for a free quote and information on our customized treatment plans and options. No matter if it’s a few ants crawling in from behind the baseboards or termites in the foundation, our team is ready and willing to help and keep your home or business protected from insect pests.