Taking pest control seriously is a must for a seamless experience with pests and small animals. Each area has unique issues as does each home. Call Action pest control as soon as possible at the first sign of an infestation. The best thing to do is get on an affordable plan to prevent pest issues. Action Pest & Turf offers a variety of services from monthly maintenance to full-service termite control.

Termite Control in Springdale, AR

Termites are those invasive Ninja bugs that will use professional stealth to use your home as an all-day, all-year snack. You’ll never know it until you have a part of your ceiling suddenly fall in your lap! Not what you need. Once the damage is too far gone, you may lose a house without the right termite control. The good news is; you can catch it and treat the issue. There are a few options that are more or less invasive depending on what stage of termite infestation you need.

Flea Control for Springdale

Fleas and ticks are annoying and can carry diseases to you and your pets. You only need to be outside and walk back into the home. They cause itchy nasty bites and once on the carpet or furniture, you can’t get them out easily. Eggs take time to hatch and you then may experience the calm before the storm. Proper flea control is what Action Pest & Turf provides to our customers to keep fleas under control and prevent further outbreaks.

Ant Control in Springdale, AR

Ants are as elusive as they are invasive. They have to be. The only mission they have is to feed the queen and the hill. The problem is your home getting in between their home and a food and water source. Once they set up camp in your bathroom or kitchen, DIY methods are a weak and temporary solution. Ant control is one of our most effective treatments. Once we know your unique ant issue, we will defeat any ant breed second to none.