If you have pests, Action Pest & Turf has answers. Our residential and commercial pest control treatments get rid bugs and keep them from coming back. Our experienced pest control technicians are highly trained professionals who know exactly how to eliminate annoying insects without affecting the health and well-being of you, your family, your employees or your pets. The hot weather and high humidity typical of Washington County, Arkansas, summers is highly attractive to pests like cockroaches and termites. Not to worry. The Action Pest & Turf team has been driving bugs out of Washington County homes and businesses for almost ten years.

Residential And Commercial Termite Control In Prairie Grove, AR

When termites invade your home or business, they’re looking for a new place to live and something good to eat. After finding a suitable location such as your home or business, termites move in and go to work. Over time, termites have mastered the art of concealing their presence from humans. Meanwhile, they will systematically devour a structure from the inside out, and they won’t leave until all the wood is gone. By the time you notice signs of their presence, the damage they inflict can be widespread. Termites are the only insects that can eat wood, so they don’t have to compete with other pests for food. They also eat plants, plant products, paper products and cotton fibers. These bugs need only the smallest crack or opening to invade your living space. Once they get in, only a pest control company like Action Pest & Turf can get them out.

Residential And Commercial Cockroach Control In Benton And Washington County

Like termites, cockroaches seek permanent shelter and a ready food supply. Roaches are nocturnal, and they typically keep a low profile while setting up shop. However, their numbers can multiply rapidly. Over time, they can become quite brazen, exploring your living space and searching out food at will. Not only are these pests unpleasant house guests, they can also be harmful to your health. Cockroaches carry germs, parasites and bacteria, and they drop feces and body parts while making their way around your space.

Why Hire A Pest Control Professional?

Once termites, cockroaches and other pests have invaded your space, they can be notoriously hard to get rid of. The specialists at Action Pest & Turf bring years of combined experience to every pest removal job. Although you might notice slight improvement, do-it-yourself pest control treatments are generally not an effective, long-term solution for a cockroach or termite infestation. At Action Pest & Turf, we use state-of-the-art cockroach and termite control methods to completely eradicate these insects and banish them from your property for once and for all.

To learn more about our safe, affordable, and highly effective residential and commercial termite, cockroach and other Northwest Arkansas pest control treatments, find out about our pest control specials, or schedule a free consultation with a pest control expert, contact the Action Pest & Turf customer service team in Bethel Heights, AR by calling 479-715-0749.