It doesn’t take much for pests to assume control of a home or a business in Springdale. In fact, just a few insects can turn into thousands if an infestation goes untreated. Whether it’s cockroaches or ants, these tiny invaders breed in great numbers and overtake interior spaces in just a few weeks. No matter how clean you keep your home or office, pests will always seek refuge inside where it’s safe from outside predators. When pests have set up shelter in your space, let Action Pest & Turf clear them out.

Residential Pest Control in Springdale

Dealing with cockroaches, ants and termites with do-it-yourself treatments sets you up for disaster. Though some DIY methods can curb population numbers, they don’t fully stop or prevent further infestations in your home. Action Pest & Turf has experienced technicians who understand how to combat pest insects at the source, such as plugging entry points and removing breeding grounds.

An ant infestation starts out small at first with a single ant or two in search of food and water inside your home. Once they find a viable food source, their pheromone trails signal other ants to follow from the colony. Before you know it, you have a full-blown ant infestation that you can’t easily treat with over-the-counter products alone.

Termites and cockroaches cause even more problems for homeowners. Termites cause structural damage and attack everything from decks to books. These insects cause millions in damages each year, and the only way to prevent and cure an infestation is by seeking a qualified professional. Cockroaches also cause problems such as spreading diseases like salmonella and contaminating living areas. An Action Pest & Turf professional has the experience to seek, target and eliminate these harmful pests without harming your family with hazardous chemicals.

Commercial Pest Control in Springdale

Your business is your livelihood, so having a pest infestation can hurt your brand and product. Pretreating your business for termites prevents unwanted infestations, and regular inspections keep future termites from causing harm. Cockroaches in a hotel or a restaurant drive away customers by the thousands, creating negative reviews and ruining everything that you’ve worked hard to build.

How Action Pest & Turf Can Help

Ants, cockroaches and termites don’t have your best interests in mind. Contact Action Pest & Turf for a free quote, and let us create an effective plan of action for preventing and curing your pest infestation. Our certified team of specialists can customize a plan especially for your home or business and provide year-round protection for a pest-free future.